Welcome from the Head


Word from the Head

Goytre Fawr Primary School is a busy but friendly school, with lots going on.

Goytre Fawr sits at the heart of a fantastic school community. We are proud to work in a productive partnership with our children, governors, parents and carers as we constantly strive to build upon the nurturing, friendly atmosphere that has been at the core of our school for many years.

We also have great academic aspirations for all of our children and want to see them believing in themselves and taking ownership of their work, so that we prepare them for the next stages of education and a lifelong love of learning. We want them to make as much progress as they possibly can and value every day of learning and nurturing with them. We are constantly looking to ensure that our pupils sit at the heart of everything that we do and that their progress, in both academic spheres and in the realms of their wellbeing, is always valued and is always moved forward. We embrace the Welsh curriculum’s core purposes and want to make our children in to ambitious & capable learners, ethically informed citizens, healthy & confident individuals and enterprising, creative contributors. And we want them to have fun in school too!

At Goytre Fawr we also trust our children in many roles. The multiple pupil voice groups we have are well established and heavily involved in our school improvement journey. We also have high standards of respect within our school and behaviour and manners have a constant positive focus. We are very proud of our talented pupils and their achievements and celebrate this regularly and with enthusiasm. Our children know that they are valued, cared for, respected and appreciated.

This website gives details about us and our approaches. It will give you a sense of why we think Goytre Fawr is a happy, successful and rewarding place to be. There is a special, nurturing atmosphere here and we try to live by our values of Aspiration, Community, Confidence, Independence, Kindness and Respect so that our children can Aspire, Believe & Achieve.

Welcome to our website. Please use the contact section to get in touch if you are contemplating sending your child here, and we will gladly arrange a meeting and tour.

Diolch yn fawr.

Mike Gough